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Let's set the atmosphere!

The best way to describe uplighting is decorating with light. Lighting is the best and most cost-efficient, and dramatic way to enhance an event venue. Enhance(or hide!) architectural features in your venue and instantly create the mood and ambience of your choice.



Create a fun photo experience!

Snap all your pictures in our elegant photo booth. The Get Lit Social Photo Booth is changing the way people capture special moments at events and places. Our photo booth gives the the option to print or share your photos instantly via social media, text, or email. Our photos are automatically uploaded to a custom online gallery where they can be viewed, shared, or displayed during or after your event!



Get Lit with DJ Get Lit

DJ Get Lit has over 15 years of experience spinning tunes for all types of parties and events from weddings to Christmas parties. Our DJ has a passion for music of all kinds and can't wait to Get Lit with you at your special event!



Customize your event!

Customizing your event is our specialty. We can design custom Gobo projections to match your event. This is especially popular for our weddings! Surprise guests with an amazing custom detail at your event.

Entertainment Services: Our Artists


Drift away with your true love!

Imagine your special day, you walk into your wedding reception hand and hand with your new husband or wife. The Dj cues the music to the special song you two chose to be the song for your first dance as husband and wife. As the music starts to play, a thick white cloud surrounds you and your spouse as you drift away into euphoria in each others arms. At Get Lit Entertainment, we are all about setting the atmosphere. Our cloud dance is the perfect addition to your special day.

Entertainment Services: About Us


We have plenty of experience in the art of live musical entertainment. We represent artists that have performed at a variety of events. We’ve worked hard to improve our services and to expand the range of material and packages we offer. We’re able to adapt to each particular event’s requirements and clearly communicate with clients early and often to ensure their full satisfaction.


What our clients want at their event is exactly what they get. The Next Measure Band is a R&B and top 40 band that will take the musical experience of your event to the next level. The Next Measure has been playing in Hampton Roads for almost a decade. Not only do they have the perfect setlist for your event, they are also able to learn and perform any special requests you may have for your special day!



The HM Johnson Band has been playing in Hampton Roads for over 20 years. They  have an amazing catalogue from music which includes everything from top 40s, Oldies but Goodies, Swing, Originals, R&B, Soft Rock, Classic Rock, Blues, Reggae, New Orleans Music, you name it! They are sure to set the atmosphere for any party or event!

Entertainment Services: Packages
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